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General Data Information

Country of Origin: Finland
Style Genre(s): Gothic Rock, Alternative Rock
Audio Quality: Lossless
Audio Codec: FLAC (.FLAC)
Rip Type: Image+cue
Scans Included: Yes
Album Catalog ID: N/A
Record Label: Heartagram Records
Duration: 00:56:37
Size: 412.2 MB (Megabytes)
Filehost: Rapidgator, Fireload, DDownload
Band Social Page: Official Facebook Page

Album Tracklist

  • 1. Echolocate Your Love
  • 2. Run Away From The Sun
  • 3. Neon Noir
  • 4. Loveletting
  • 5. The Foreverlost
  • 6. Baby Lacrimarium
  • 7. Salute The Sanguine
  • 8. In Trenodia
  • 9. Heartful Of Ghosts
  • 10. Saturnine Saturnalia
  • 11. Zener Solitaire
  • 12. Vertigo Eyes





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